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ritten by leaders in the field, this book covers in detail current theoretic and applied concepts. You will find Lower Extremity Biomechanics: Theory and Practice a welcomed addition to your professional library.

Globally Recognized & Recommended by colleges and industry professionals.

small_2nd_book_without_spineThe stimulus to write this book was our experience in the training of pedorthic students in preparation for their pre-certification exam, while we were both at Oklahoma State University-Okmulgee. We were frequently asked to recommend an appropriate text for study but found none that met the needs of aspiring C.Peds. Most Podiatric, Orthopedic Surgery or medical texts were either too detailed or not complete enough to be of practical value for the field of pedorthics. This book was undertaken to meet these needs.

                                                 -Wayne Decker, C.Ped. Stephen Albert, D.P.M, C.Ped.


Biomechanics- is the study of the human body and how it behaves mechanically. This textbook is intended for all who have an interest in how our feet and legs work and particularly for those in the health care community who must remain abreast of the latest information and research.

1375530510Lower Extremity Biomechanics: Theory and Practice is a written testimony to the fact that the input of podiatry into this constantly developing area is still healthy and vibrant. It is also a further testimony to the expertise and the knowledge which has been developed over the years by the pedorthic profession. This dedicated community of professional practitioners complement the foot care provided by the physician practicing in numerous fields ranging from diabetology, rheumatology, occupational medicine, sports medicine, pediatrics, and geriatrics. Such an inter-disciplinary marriage of theory and practical approach must therefore surely be a welcome contribution to the literature.
       -ERIC LEE